Life goes by in a blink of an eye

Where does time fly? It seems like only yesterday that I was expecting my little girl Betsy-Ann who’s now almost 14 months old! She’s very much a little person now, crawling (very fast), attempting to walk (won’t be long before she’s running), jabbering on, eating for England (well more than Alfie!) and even mastering a… Continue reading Life goes by in a blink of an eye


Alfie’s first day of firsts!

So, we decided to throw Alfie in the deep end on Wednesday 5th September. Not only did he attend his first day of school, but we also managed to sign him up to start swimming lessons at Farnborough Leisure Centre. Two firsts in one day! I think he was more nervous about his swimming lesson… Continue reading Alfie’s first day of firsts!


Getting Alfie & Betsy to #LoveSwimming

We’ve been really bad at taking both Alfie & Betsy swimming. So this month things are going to change before school starts and we never get around to taking up swimming lessons…. I feel especially bad as I love water. I’m a bit of a mermaid and if I had the time #swimming would be… Continue reading Getting Alfie & Betsy to #LoveSwimming