Everything is better when we stick together!


What is it with LEGO? Anyone of any age just seems to love it and feel the need to start building with it as soon as they grasp it!

Daddy loves it, Alfie is obsessed by it, Betsy just wants to eat it given the chance and mummy just seems to clear it up all the time! Or simply stand on it! Who ever created it maybe a genius but they didn’t think about how painful it is when you accidentally stand on it! Ouch….

Each year we ask Alfie what he would like from Mummy and Daddy for his birthday and Christmas, both of which are in December.  Last year it was Playmobil, the year before everything was Paw Patrol and Thomas and the year before that it was Peppa Pig. All of which has been sold or handed down to Betsy!

These were all fads apart from Peppa Pig which he still avidly watches with Boo. But all Alfie wants this year for his birthday and Christmas presents is those coloured bricks!

I don’t mind buying LEGO because I know it won’t be a fad. In fact it’s quite refreshing that he hasn’t yet asked for an iPad!

Maybe it’s because when Alfie’s given a box of LEGO he doesn’t just see bricks he see’s possibilities!

It’s great to see him use his imagination and play with those bricks to invent space ships, race cars, robots who can save teddies and anything else that exists in Alfie’s World.

So, it’s nearly December and I’m now busy planning for a LEGO birthday party! Alfie’s given me clear instructions that it’s got to be themed around LEGO City so my focus has got to be on our everyday heroes such as the police, fire brigade and hospital workers like Daddy 🙂

Thankfully, Alfie got invited to a birthday party at Brickies Play Centre in Wokingham. It’s amazing and Betsy loved the creative corner jam packed with DUPLO for children 18 months to 4 years old. It got me thinking about what building missions and LEGO adventures I can get Alfie’s friends to build!

It’s amazing what ideas and adventures you can have as soon as you start to stick those little bricks together! The thing is LEGO can be used to build anything…

I tell Alfie that with a bucket of bricks, you can tell any story and for me, stories are just like LEGO blocks.


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