Star in the making…

It’s two weeks since my little boy grew into a little man and started school. He hasn’t grown in size, but he’s definitely grown in stature! Although he maybe 5 in December he still wears just size 2-3 clothes. Thank God my mum is a great sewer and helps me by sewing tucks into all his clothes.

Although he may be small he makes up for this with conversation. Talk, talk, talk! He is also a charmer. So, it was no surprise to us when Alfie came home with a badge and proudly announced he had been chosen for school council!

Every Wednesday he now proudly goes to school wearing a shiny yellow badge and attends meetings with his fellow classmate Rosie.

What did surprise me was the way in which Alfie took to reaping the benefits of being on school council and his delight in telling me that his duties included eating party rings and enjoying a drink of blackcurrent squash which no other child was privileged to unless they were also at these meetings!

“Mummy, can I tell you a secret. At council today, we ate party rings and drank blackcurrant squash. Don’t tell anyone else as it’s a secret.”

It’s amazing how much he has already developed and grown in confidence within such a short space of time. We are so very lucky that Alfie is a child who wants to learn. In fact, he’s a bit of a goody two-shoes. On Friday he came bounding out of school carrying a cuddly toy called “Kitty” which was bigger than himself! He also wore a green star and carried a certificate entitled “Star of the week”.

Smiling from ear to ear Alfie announces that we have homework which entails entertaining “Kitty” and taking this cat plenty of places at the weekend! Apparently, he wanted to paint the town red.


So, the weekend was spent taking Kitty everywhere with us. Garden centre, shopping, swimming, helping daddy in the garden and going to Wisley. Alfie on Saturday asked me whether I thought Kitty had had a good day and whether he would enjoy tomorrow at Wisley? He was un sure as he thought Kitty only like playing and he wasn’t sure that there was much play time to be had at Wisley.

Apparently “Kitty” had a fab time though despite being a little scared by a dinosaur! Turns out he’s a bit of a scaredy-cat….


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