Life goes by in a blink of an eye

Where does time fly? It seems like only yesterday that I was expecting my little girl Betsy-Ann who’s now almost 14 months old!

She’s very much a little person now, crawling (very fast), attempting to walk (won’t be long before she’s running), jabbering on, eating for England (well more than Alfie!) and even mastering a royal wave!

She’s also very determined and every day she’s learning to do more and more. So much so that I don’t want to leave her for a minute in case I miss something.

It’s been really hard going back to work and juggling home life. Especially trying to find time to spend with Betsy but now that Alfie’s settling into school I’m determined on my days off to enjoy doing things with her and find out what she loves doing!

So yesterday, my little Boo (Alfie and Daddy’s nickname for her) and I embarked on some #GirlTime together…

This week’s adventure was to go and try gymnastics. So off we went to Gymfinity Kids in Farnborough. They offer a free “Baby balance” session which lasts 30 minutes and is all about sensory play for babies aged 3 months plus.

It’s basically lots of soft play but we had lots of fun bonding over giggles! Betsy loved bouncing on the trampoline and really enjoyed the ball pit. It was also great to just have a look around and to see whether Betsy was keen on being a gymnast!

I don’t think she’s quite a Fragapane but maybe she’s a potential Page! Watch this space😊

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