May the Best Sunflower Win!

Who doesn’t love a sunflower? I remember as a child growing them at home with my sisters from seedlings with Dad – we would help seed them, plant them out and then wait to see who’s grew the tallest…

After that we would see who’s lasted the longest and once they were over we would cut off the heads, dry them out and have seeds for the following year plus food for the birds in the winter.

Keeping those traditions alive, it’s now Alfie and Betsy’s turn and they are battling it out with their beloved school – Badshot Lea Village Infant school (BLVIS). But who’s gonna win the tallest sunflower??

This is our third year competing, the first year the Lamport’s won but last year BLVIS were victors… To ensure fair play this year, Alfie and Besty bought some seeds for both school and home to sow back in March and by Easter they were on the rise!

Since then they’ve been planted out into Grandad’s garden and with a little singing of ‘Let them grow, let them grow’ they are on the rise! They are now over 5ft6 and even Betsy’s little mouse thinks they have winning form.

However, BLVIS still reckon the competition is on, with 6ft flowers!! I’m not sure it’s all over though as ours are only just forming buds, so still time to keep growing plus who’s going to sing to their flowers during the school holidays? Maybe they’ve peaked too early! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

To keep your eye’s peeled on the competition follow both @BLVISchool and @CMLBlueBelle on Twitter and may the cheeriest, sunniest, sunflower win!! 😊🌻🌻

#SunflowerChallenge2022 #CompetitionTime #LetThemGrow #BloomingFarnham

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