Mad Life Crisis

As I’ve mentioned before, February has always been the first month of my ‘New Year’…

I’m a non lover of January and see it as a time for clearing out the back log of the last 12 calendar months. Where as February is my month for starting new challenges, promises and finding new found loves.

Who doesn’t love February? It’s the month of love isn’t it? Spring is in the air, the day’s don’t seem as drab and everywhere and everyone seems a little brighter.

Today, the 1 February 2022 is Chinese New Year ‘Xin Nian Kuai Le’ – so, maybe I’m not the only person who prefers to celebrate in February 🤣🐯

So what are my New Year promises this year? Not totally sure 🙃 But I’ve started to begin some good habits… One has been to look after myself a little more – giving up the gin in my gin & tonic during the week (lasting as long as we don’t hit another lockdown) plus drinking more water daily – especially during the winter months when all I want to do is reach out for a hot mug of tea and buckets of coffee ☕

I’ve also promised myself to say ‘no’ a little more – both at work and in play and not take on too much. How’s that going I hear you say? It’s in working progress but hand on heart I can say that my life feels a little less jam packed this year already. Although that said, life with Darren, Alfie, Betsy and work is never dull and always full of utter madness – it never stops! Life is just one big roller coaster. I’m not sure I can slow it down or perhaps even want to, as if I do I think I might just burn out.

Welcome to the house of fun – that’s by madness isn’t it?

On to new challenges – I’m back in the running game 🏃 Yay! And hoping to do more as the days get longer and warmer, especially on those school runs. But my main challenge is to have more fun this year, especially with Alf & Boo. If life is this manic, I might as well join in the madness…

So, onto ‘fun’ item number one of the year! I’ve decided to ride through what some might call a bit of a ‘mid-life crisis’ by buying myself an adult scooter 🤣 Due to the dreaded COVID bug hitting us last month (another reason for forgetting the month of January) up until this last weekend, I’ve been unable to get out and use it – but roll on February and full steam ahead! Betsy is already teaching me some cool scooting skills and I’ve been a good girl and bought myself a helmet (trying to teach the kids good habits). It’s also non electric (failure on my part) so, I’m putting in the hard graft and as Darren keeps reminding me they’re fast, so I have my work cut out keeping up with them 🙃

However, I’m enjoying my new ‘fun’ toy and it’s surprisingly good exercise too! My legs have a new found ache and are actually feeling relieved when I choose to run instead of scoot. Totally recommend it for those who are young at heart 😍

So ‘Hello February’ – here’s wishing everyone a happy and fun month filled with love, peace and joy…

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