Getting Alfie & Betsy to #LoveSwimming

IMG-20180628-WA0000We’ve been really bad at taking both Alfie & Betsy swimming. So this month things are going to change before school starts and we never get around to taking up swimming lessons….

I feel especially bad as I love water. I’m a bit of a mermaid and if I had the time #swimming would be my daily vice! It makes me feel good, it clears my head and it allows me to just be me!

Alfie is 4 and up until recently it’s been a real struggle to get him into swimming. We started to take him swimming from 6 months old but right from the very start he hated getting in a swimming pool. Bath time was always fun but going swimming in a big pool was scary stuff!

We tried taking pool toys, rubber rings and all sorts. But it all ended the same with lots of tears and tantrums and a little boy who wouldn’t let go of mummy and daddy!

In the end we decided to give up until now and try not to force the issue of learning to swim. He’s now water happy and really enjoyed going swimming every day whilst on holiday recently. He’s even getting his face wet and ducking his head under water! He feels confident wearing his water wings vest and no longer feels the need to be tied to mummy or daddy.

Betsy on the other hand takes after mummy! I only wish I had taken her swimming sooner than I have done. She has always loved the bath and is really happy to get her face and head wet. She’s just turned 1 and has only been swimming a few times on holiday.

We were quite nervous taking her swimming because of the fear she was going to be like her brother. It’s never fun when your little one starts crying when you want to teach them that water is actually great fun! However, we were pleasantly surprised – we had lots of smiles and giggles and lots of arm and leg kicking! She was also fine with splashing and getting her face wet.

So now the challenge begins – How do I get Alfie into proper swimming lessons and how do I keep Betsy learning to #SwimHappy!

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