My Favourite Mug

IMG_20200915_090852.jpgThis is my favourite mug. Firstly because it’s huge and I do love a cup of tea and more importantly because of my love for Portsmouth football club.

Those of you who know me, will most probably know I am a huge, die hard Pompey fan! I grew up watching football with my dad and was just 8 years old when Mum agreed that it was OK for me to go to my first match.

I started to watch Pompey play in the season of 1986-87. I must have been a lucky charm as we had some what of a good season getting ourselves promoted to what was then called the ‘First division’.

Watching Pompey has given me lots of ‘edge-of-your-seat action’ over the years and I’ve experienced many a ‘squeaky bum time’ but being a Pompey fan has also taught me some valuable life lessons.

Such as, if you try hard enough, you can achieve anything (Pompey winning the FA CUP), you can’t win all the time (back to back relegation) and nothing lasts forever (Premier League status) – please be the case for coronavirus too!

My favourite mug is getting me through my day, month and year in 2020. It makes me happy when skies are grey! Let’s face it a cup of tea always makes everything seem better…

PUP (Play Up Pompey)