It’s Christmas

Every year I promise to start planning for Christmas early so that I can enjoy a little bit of the madness that follows.

I’m not sure, I’ve started earlier enough, but this December, I’m intending on dedicating at least 10 minutes each day to feeling more Christmassy – which may include enjoying a daily mug of hot chocolate listening to Michael Buble, hand delivering Christmas cards, attending a carol concert and even going on a traditional, festive, mince pie run!

Alfie seems very eager this year and is definitely more excited for Christmas than for his actual birthday! He’s already on a countdown to begin his advent calendar and I’ve found myself becoming a little bit of a Grinch telling him to stop banging on about it. He’s also reminded me that the Elf will be returning on Sunday, so I best get my thinking cap on this week to plan out exactly what the Elf will be up to – at least he’s got a new house to explore this year!

So my challenge is not to only do something Christmassy each day but also not to turn into the Grinch! That’s going to be some challenge as I’m a little tiresome of it all already and it’s not even December. The build-up already for just one day is immense what with the TV adverts, Christmas songs on the radio, the festive food in supermarkets and all those very tempting but expensive red coffee cups!

The TV adverts with their clever marketing campaigns have already got a hold on me and this year’s John Lewis advert has resulted in me buying Alfie an ‘excitable Edgar’ – he is rather cute and I can’t believe all the complaints and hysteria about him. Personally, I’m glad we’ve got Edgar as I always struggle to set the figgy pudding on fire!

Nursery and school ‘egg on’ the excitement by sending home Christmas card design sheets in early October. I’ve ordered a couple of packs this year along with gift tags, mugs and wrapping paper but my plan this year is to use up the old ones, so apologies if anyone receives any old designs from a young Alfie!

I think, like many, I get stuck around the fact that Christmas is just 1 day a year! It’s not any more, it starts as soon as bonfire night has been and gone and if you don’t embrace it you become just like the Grinch and feel utterly deflated by Boxing Day!

Instead of putting all that effort into just one day, I’m going to make every effort to enjoy the somewhat hectic sleigh ride from now until Christmas and enjoy the festivities throughout December – from start to finish! It’s time to dig out that Christmas jumper, who’s going to join me?

Here goes…..