Happy New Year!

So that’s a wrap – Christmas all done and dusted plus the end of yet another decade!

Yesterday, Alfie and I spent the day taking down all the decorations and packing them up ready to hibernate in the loft for the next 11 months.

I have to say that I think for the first time ever, I was actually quite sad to see them get packed away but that’s probably because we only managed to get the tree up the weekend before Christmas, due to all the building work going on in our lovely new home.

Today, it was back to school and work for Alfie and myself and thankfully back to some kind of organised chaos…

I must admit I’m quite relieved to see the back of 2019 and here’s hoping that 2020 will be a better one and fingers crossed a little more relaxing.

Looking back, Christmas was a bit of a whirl wind but with some memorable high lights – starting with a visit to Badshot Lea Infant School to watch Alfie perform in his schools performance of ‘Christmas with the Aliens’. Alfie’s dancing was off the charts and being cast as a ‘crowd person’ he chose to stand out with some extra special dance moves.

Betsy’s performance at the Christmas nativity play on Christmas Eve at St Peter’s Church, Wrecclesham, was also very unforgettable. She spent most of the service running up and down the centre aisle, firstly dressed as an angel (gaining her many an ‘aw’ from the congregation) after which she ditched the angelic look for that of a donkey, which instead got her many a laugh and a smile from everyone!

Christmas always seems to come and go too fast and normally leaves me feeling a little deflated. All that hard work and effort for just one day. I know it’s all about the kids but I feel that every year it becomes too much of a present orgy. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old but I much prefer the lead up to Christmas than the actual day itself.

This year, I’m going to stick to the four present rule and get the kids something they want and need plus something to wear and to read. I’m also going to set a Christmas reminder/alert in June to remind me to start getting organised  – with 6 months’ to go, this should give me enough time to get the cards done, stockings wrapped and also to plan what that cheeky Elf is going to get up to for 24 nights! Sad I know, but very much needed in order for me to enjoy the festive period rather than feeling completely stressed and knackered!

Between Christmas and New Year, Mum, Alfie, Betsy and I went to watch ‘Aladdin’ at Woking’s must see panto. Growing up, I have fond memories of going to watch the panto each year with Mum and Dad and my sisters and funnily enough Bobby Davro was starring this year (at Woking) as Wishee Washee, who I remember watching in panto as Buttons in Cinderella, 30 odd years ago in Guildford. He’s so good in Panto and he starred alongside Brendon Cole, who bought a little bit of strictly to panto – despite everyone thinking he was Anton du Beke! It was thoroughly enjoyable and even Betsy stood up, danced, clapped and shouted ‘oh no you’re not…’

I’m normally not a fan of New Year’s Eve but I actually found myself enjoying the celebrations at home, cooking a roast, playing lots of games with the kids and indulging in a few glasses of Prosecco. And the best thing about it was there were no presents – it was just the four of us having some quality family time.

So we’re now into 2020 and as Darren reminds me, I’m now in my early 40’s, I’ve lived in two different centuries and through 5 different decades! Scary stuff don’t you think? Happy New Year everyone and here’s to all the adventures that a new day and a new dawn brings to us all…