Great Adventures


There’s nothing better than the lure of welly boots – especially when you’re young.

We are so lucky to have Rowhill Copse, Tices Meadow, Brickfields Country Park, Farnham Park (just to name a few) all just a short distance away from our home.

And what’s not to love about walking for us adults too – it’s free, something we’re currently allowed to do plus it’s good for the mood…

With month’s of enduring what feels like ‘cabin fever’ we’ve been determined to make the most of getting out doors and enjoying some weekend woodland adventures together!

This pic involved a trip to Rowhill – a favourite place to go exploring for both Alfie and Betsy. So many trees to hide in, sticks to collect, dens to build, fairy houses to find plus streams to wash off those muddy boots and generally just splash around in!

Our explorations remind me of many a childhood memory. I was lucky that most of my family loved the great outdoors and I remember many a weekend exploring the woods with either my Great Auntie Joan in Oxted (North Downs) or my Grandma Anscombe closer to home in Greywell, Hampshire.

Grandma Cicely loved a good wood walk which generally included a game of pooh sticks, picking flowers (bluebells, primroses in spring (then allowed) or holly/mistletoe during the winter months).

Her house was also in a prime location for walking – My favourite options were to head towards the bridge for a game of pooh sticks or visit the bat cave/ruins of Odiham (King John’s) Castle. All memories which I still fondly remember even now I’m in my 40’s.

Our forest adventures make us appreciate nature and help us all forget our worries – it’s all about getting mucky, pond dipping and exercising whilst having lots of fun…