Betsy-Boo turns two


I can’t believe my little girl is now two! How is this even possible? It seems like only yesterday that I was registering her birth and bringing her home from hospital…

It always surprises me how much babies grow from month to month and especially from year to year!

Betsy has been hitting those terrible two’s for a quite a while now but since her birthday last month it’s become official – she’s a fully pledged member of the toddler group!

I love all those terrible two quotes and I have to admit they keep me sane and get me through all those daily tantrums! There’s no doubt in my mind that the terrible two’s should come accompanied by a bottle of wine and it’s also very true to say that having a two year old is like having a blender but without a lid!

Thankfully, I’ve survived Alfie at two so hopefully I’m in good stead to survive another! Although that said Betsy is a completely different kettle of fish…

So what do you do to celebrate a little girl’s 2nd birthday? Throw her a Peppa Pig party of course! And everything you do, cook and play needs to be Peppa Pig themed – this all according to Alfie, with Betsy’s nod of approval.

Alfie wanted to be in charge of the games and his main focus was organising a tombola. This resulted in Alfie and Daddy heading off early each Sunday morning and hunting at the car boot for Peppa Pig toys! He must have bought around 20 toys in total and at one point my airing cupboard was completely full of freshly washed pigs, rabbits, cats and all sorts of animals!

As well as a tombola, we also organised musical puddles – of course this didn’t go down too well when we tried to tell a two year old that they were out and that we needed to take their muddy puddle away from them!

Of course the theme followed through to food and being very authentic, although maybe not politically correct,  we all enjoyed hot dogs for main followed by Peppa Pig lollies, yogurts and raisins plus the pièce de résistance – the Peppa Pig birthday cake…

Betsy loved her party and especially enjoyed all the attention she got from all the older children busily trying to look after her.

She’s not as vocal as Alfie – which is probably just as well as I don’t know if we could cope with two children that talk for England!

Betsy has a somewhat limited vocabulary but has in particular a few words that she uses daily. The first being ‘mine’ – everything and anything she likes is in her words ‘mine’.

Her second favourite word, close to the first and we hear it most mornings as her first syllables of the day is ‘bott bott’. As soon as this word is spoken you have around 5 minutes to get her milk bottle ready before she has a total melt down.

Another favourite has to be ‘yeah’ – you can ask her anything from: Betsy have you won the lottery? Have you done a poo? Is daddy the king? And the answer is always a ‘yeah’ followed by a very cute laugh and giggle.

Her favourite animal is ‘duck’ – I’m not sure why its duck as she adores her toy monkey but anything that resembles a bird is a ‘duck’ from a chicken to a robin she simply points her hand and shouts ‘duck’.

Another word that has made both Darren and I chuckle this summer is her love of the word ‘bee’. Anything that flies in the air is a ‘bee’. I’m not sure she’s exactly keen on her ‘bees’ but never the less she lets everybody know if anything is air born around her!

It amazes me how much she’s grown in a year and I know in a year’s time I will once again be amazed by her growth in character. She’s adorable and as I’ve heard many a parent say I just wish I could bottle her cuteness at this age!

Betsy might be part of the terrible two’s brigade but she’s also in Grandad’s words a little ‘sweetheart’ and not forgetting ‘mine’!