Alfie the Viking

Well, I wouldn’t want to meet this Viking – would you? #ScaryStuff

Having completely forgotten that Alfie needed a Viking costume for school, at the eleventh hour I managed to come up with this accomplishment! Starting with a re-useable ‘Greek’ costume I began frantically searching around the house for bits and bobs as well as researching what an actual Viking looks like online.

The reminder message from school did point out that if your child didn’t want to dress up or if they didn’t have anything suitable to wear that they could come into school in plain clothes. So, why do we as parents put ourselves through these dramas? The answer is pure guilt – the disappointment on Alfie’s face said everything as he went up those apples and pears to bed! Well, having felt awful and knowing that I can be creative, and I do love a bit of crafting I went to work!

A quick win was the armour and belts that I cut out from an old scarf that Darren hadn’t worn for years. Next, I found Alf’s swimming float – not quite round but it would do as a shield, so Darren quickly covered it in tinfoil and by decorating the bulk of it with felt and postal tape, it was another job done! The sword was also quick and easy to do – he already had one, it just looked a little modern, so we wrapped the handle in brown wool…

Then it was time for dinner, 9pm already. Yawn. Then it was 10pm and I had just the hat to do – a vital component for a Viking don’t you think? I found a beanie hat of Darren’s and cut out some horns and finally watching TV with a well-deserved glass of wine, sat down to sew them on. 12pm, bedtime.

Was it worth it?

It’s amazing how as a kid we either love or dread dressing up, especially at school. There’s also the uncertainty that even if we don’t mind wearing a fancy dress outfit what the costume our parents are going to make us wear looks like! This thankfully passed the test – Alfie was happy as Larry going into school, battling the elements dressed as a fully pledged Viking! I was just relieved he was smiling and that it was all over until the next time! Time for coffee and to get back to my day job…

#JobDone #AlfieTheViking #NotABadLook