Alfie – Mindfully Carrying On

It’s been over a year since Alfie started telling jokes during Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. He wanted to boost his and other people’s wellbeing, so Alfie decided to tell a joke a day for a whole month to help cheer everyone up and raised £425 for MIND the mental health charity.

The pandemic has been mentally exhausting for us all, including our children. Alfie was very thankful to Badshot Lea Village Infant School (BLVIS) which he attended throughout each lockdown, whilst both mummy and daddy were working. Last Christmas, dressed as an Elf, Alfie decided to give back to his school by telling daily jokes throughout Advent – he raised £400 for his school, and in total raised £825 last year from joke telling.

Making people smile hasn’t stopped and he continues to make us all laugh on BBC Radio Surrey, every Friday at 7pm with his #FabFriday jokes.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported Alfie, especially during these really difficult times – it has meant the world to Alfie, MIND, BLVIS and myself, so thank you.

During this last year, I’ve been reminded very sadly, why talking about how your feeling and being kind to others is so important and how just one conversation can really help save lives.

If you’re feeling down, please talk to someone about how your feeling. Just hearing someone’s voice can be enough to lift both your spirits – even if a call ends up being a voicemail, you’ve let someone know you’re thinking about them, which is always good medicine.

One of the reasons Alfie wanted to start telling jokes was to help make people happy – a laugh makes you feel good right?

We are extremely proud of Alfie’s efforts this past year – He’s only 7 and his dedication and enthusiasm to keep making people smile is never ending. He’s now got mummy helping him to produce a joke book – some potty news, traffic jam joy or just some giggles for when you’re feeling down. Something for everyone to enjoy hopefully 🙂 His plan is to sell it and raise further funds for both MIND and BLVIS. Keep your eyes peeled in October when you will be able to buy it – Alf’s Fabulous Jokes (it will probably be volume one knowing Alfie 🙂)

Take care, be kind to yourself and of course stay tuned to Alfie’s jokes…

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