A Fantastic Mr Fox and a Very Cheeky Monkey!

There’s something really special about getting and starting a new book don’t you think? Just sitting down and finding a time in the day to read…

I’m lucky that Alfie and Betsy both love a good story and I really enjoy the moments we spend reading together. The more we read the more they learn and the greater their imagination becomes!

We love World Book Day in our house. Each year we spend time thinking about our favourite books and what we can dress up as. Last year I had a ‘Pirate’ who loved underpants’ and a ‘Pepper Pig’ and this year I had Alfie dressed up as the crafty ’Fantastic Mr Fox’ and Betsy as a slightly puzzled but very cheeky little ‘Monkey’.

I really enjoyed buying Alfie his first lot of Roald Dahl books this year – he was probably my favourite childhood author and taught me many life lessons!

I remember going to a book shop to buy the first edition of ‘Matilda’. I was aged 10 in 1988 when the book first came out. I saved up all my pocket money to buy that book for just £8.50 and the book still sits on my book shelf today.

Children’s books are just magical – they just have this way of transporting you to another world which in current times is a much needed form of escapism! This is why I still love reading as an adult and I’m sure I’m not the only one…