1 month, 2 challenges for better wellbeing


So last week was Mental Health Awareness Week and at both work and home, I’ve been trying to encourage colleagues, friends and family to talk about our own mental health needs.

Mental health problems affect one in four of us and can affect anyone, at any time.

Coronavirus has changed all our lives and staying at home plus avoiding other people has been both stressful and difficult.

Both Alfie and I have both found ways of boosting our wellbeing this week.

On Monday last week, I was reading Alfie’s school book with him and it happened to be all about joke telling and making a joke machine. Apparently, a laugh makes you feel good, so because we could all do with a laugh right now Alfie decided to tell a joke a day to help cheer everyone up.

I have to say, he’s been pretty good with his joke telling and that’s from me – someone who’s pretty hard to crack with comedy! He’s even been getting some rave reviews on social.

To get myself moving and feeling good I’ve found myself a lockdown saviour – my running trainers. I’ve taken time out to be kind to myself each week by going running.

It’s not been easy, especially with work, two little ones and Darren working long hours at Frimley Park Hospital but I’ve made it a Saturday night ritual and it makes me feel better about myself and given me that time out that I need each week.

We hope that Alfie’s act of telling jokes has made you smile and feel good – if so you’re in luck as he wants to keep going and spreading that laughter.

So we’ve come up with two challenges to continue to helpย boost our wellbeing plus raise more awareness about Mental Health and in particular Mind, the mental health charity.

Alfie’s going to keep telling daily jokes and I’m going to set myself the challenge of going running for at least 30 minutes each day for a whole month.

If Alfie makes you laugh or you want to motivate me to keep running each day then show your support by commenting and liking his jokes on social or by cheering me on if you see me running around Weybourne or Badshot Lea (shouts of Play up Pompey usually do the trick :)).

Finally, if you can or want to give visit our JustGiving page by clicking here.

Take care everybody,

Stay safe, be kind and keep going…

Check out Alfie’s joke from Day 1 of his month’s challenge below and to enjoy all his jokes so far, including jokes from Mental Health Awareness Week visit our YouTube channel here – don’t forget to subscribe ๐Ÿ™‚